Oct 08

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Get Ready to Shake Out. 10/18/2012, 10:18 a.m.

Register your agency at http://www.shakeout.org.

As most of you may have heard by now, the Great ShakeOut has been happening worldwide since 2008 and involves the Whole Community by prompting, individuals and groups to prepare for an earthquake. The Great Shakeout is an earthquake drill which can be conducted in as little as 90 seconds and serves as a reminder that earthquakes can occur at any time in any place. FEMA is promoting this initiative because it provides an opportunity for communities to increase their readiness and potentially save lives, by practicing what to do when an earthquake occurs. More than 10 million individuals including government agencies, schools, neighborhood groups, businesses, non-profit organizations, faith and community organizations, and civic organizations among others will be participating on October 18, 2012, and over 14 million individuals will participate overall in 2012.






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